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DBE Global Freight Forwarding and Logistics Introduces Global E-Commerce Solutions Under our Cross Border.

The announcement highlights the DBE Global Freight Forwarding and Logistics investment in expanding its international e-commerce offerings....
06-06-2017 [08:53 AM]


DBE Global Freight Forwarding and Logistics Service Guide: Updated June, 2017?

It consists of an overview of DBE Global Freight Forwarding and Logistics® services; rates and surcharges; and terms and conditions of service. Use it to review all our services, add shipping options, learn how to ship dangerous goods and hazardous materials, prepare your shipment, and access resources after you ship....
06-06-2017 [07:04 AM]
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DBE Global Shipping, Freight Forwarding and Logistics aim at providing superior integrated supply chain service by developing innovative solutions that deliver sustainable competitive advantage to our clients ally
We remain one of the world's top best global provider of Freight forwarding and logistics solutions. We provide services for truck brokerage and transportation, less-than-truckload, intermodal, highly-engineered supply chain solutions, contract logistics, last mile, expedite, global forwarding and managed transportation.

We serves more than 50,000 customers with a highly integrated network of 1,469 locations in 200 countries. The bedrock of our company is our people: more than 84,000 employees operating as one cohesive organization with a single-minded focus on customer service. Many of the customers we serve are in the manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, industrial, technology, aerospace, chemical, life sciences and government sectors.

You'll find that we're passionate about helping our customers operate their supply chains more effectively. Equally important are our qualitative resources: our zero-failure mentality, our deep experience in every service we offer, and our ability to provide integrated, end-to-end supply chain solutions to large accounts.
 Core Values
Clients - to provide the highest quality customer service in a professional and ethical manner
Staff - to provide a secure and productive work environment, conducive to a healthy work/life balance
Suppliers - to maintain close business relationships, with an emphasis placed on integrity and reliability
DBE Global Shipping, Freight Forwarding and Logistics values define us as a world-class company and guide our everyday actions. We believe that acting with integrity is the best way to earn trust. Our dependability fosters sound decision-making and accountability – not just with large projects, but in the small ways we interact daily with our customers, employees and suppliers. We understand that our customers and our teams rely on us for frequent communications.

We know how to act quickly so that others can perform at their best – and while we are often under pressure, we are always respectful. We look for ways to contribute to the team effort to accelerate results.

We’re a global team working with a shared sense of purpose across regions, countries and continents to deliver on our promises. We’re engaged as a team to help our customers achieve success.

We strive to provide every customer with service that is the best in the industry, as measured by the qualities our customers care about most. We operate with a strong work ethic, resulting in both efficiency and transparency in the performance of our jobs.

We embrace innovation, particularly when it comes to technology. We’re willing to take on ambitious challenges and assume responsibility for finding solutions. We know how to think creatively as entrepreneurs within the discipline of operational excellence, while maintaining our obligation to create profitable growth and value for our shareholders.

We infuse knowledge and passion for safe living, extending beyond the company to our customers, communities and families. We strive to be the standard of the industry through innovation and continuous learning.

We believe that information technology can truly revolutionize how goods are shipped. We’re transforming transportation logistics through technology – and our financial commitment shows how strongly we value IT as the basis for unparalleled customer service. XPO has over 1,000 IT professionals focused on expanding the leading-edge capabilities we already have in place.

In addition to secure, online customer portals for each of our service areas, our technology portfolio includes these cutting edge capabilities – all of them proprietary to DBE Global Logistics:-

Last Mile;

Our Desktop DMS software manages the full, end-to-end process of last mile service. Our customers can create, manage and track orders online, and view status updates provided by our eTrack software, a mobile application utilized by our independent drivers and installers. In addition, we have an automated process that collects customer satisfaction scores shortly after delivery, effectively monitoring performance in near real-time.

Freight Brokerage;

Our Freight Optimizer system provides our sales team with powerful tools to source the optimal carrier capacity for each load. Our big data specialists have created algorithms that channel truck information from multiple sources, weighted by cost and performance to speed procurement. Robust track and trace technology informs customer communications while freight is in transit.


Our Rail Optimizer system provides our intermodal team with a suite of proprietary tools for seamless, door-to-door movements of long haul freight. We use EDI integration to secure 53” container, small box and drayage capacity, and facilitate constant communications with the railroads – not only to schedule the freight, but also to alert our customers about any unforeseen delays such as weather disruptions.

Expedite Managed Transportation;

Our transportation management system is the largest web-based TMS for expedite in North America. The technology captures and broadcasts shipment requirements within minutes of receiving an automated or manual order entry. Load assignment, GPS and cellular track and trace, proof of delivery, detailed invoicing and reporting are all executed by proprietary functionality that has been continuously developed for more than 20 years.

Expedite Air Charter;

Our robust, online bid system gives customers easy access to quick-launch carriers with capacity up to 200,000 lbs. and service to more than 5,000 airports in North America. We’ve designed the technology to collect competitive bids in a transparent manner, to speed the process of selecting an air carrier for extremely urgent cargo.

Supply Chain;

Our IT operations are ISO/IEC 20000 certified, with more than a million transactions flowing through our systems daily:

Our Warehouse Manager System facilitates real-time inventory and order management by integrating RF technology, and manages processes throughout the warehouse.
Our Order Manager system is a comprehensive workflow solution with full trace and history capabilities, and provides web-based, real-time access to detailed information about receipts from suppliers.
Our Transportation Manager system combines sophisticated transportation modeling tools with real-world data to deliver the most effective response to various transportation scenarios, and then automates the executions.
Our Global Trade Manager service application prepares global trade documentation in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

In addition, we provide the security, availability and reliability of private cloud hosting. This includes redundant power and environmental systems, scalable storage and threat detection.


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